Volunteers Clean Up Beaches

volunteers ft lauderdale beach

Volunteers take action to make Florida Beaches Beautiful.

Volunteers gather to clean up beaches in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Volunteers clean up beaches in South Florida. Volunteers were still showing up to pick up trash, landscape, and repair more than 40 locations across Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach this weekend.

Beginning in Pompano Beach, 80 plus Office Depot volunteers started their projects around 7 am Saturday. They began by collecting 35 pounds of trash between Ocean Blvd. and Pompano Beach.

“We walked about a quarter mile of the beach and stripped it clean of plastic pollution,” said Morgan Knowles, with the Youth Environmental Alliance.

“We planted 11,000 sea oats to help restore the dune system here in Pompano,” she added.volunteers clean up beaches

In Fort Lauderdale, more than 100 students from adjacent middle schools pulled Air Potato weeds at Snyder Park to try and save the native vegetation from the invasive plant that has become a problem in South Florida.

student volunteer ft lauderdaleDiego Rodriguez, with the Firewall mentoring program, said the students earn community service hours needed to graduate but they also learn to appreciate the outdoors.

“They get almost a completely different outlook once they get out here and into the nitty gritty,” he said. “[There’s] camaraderie with helping each other [but] there’s a good bit of competition too.”

For more information on how to get involved in a variety of community programs, go online to HandsOnBroward.org.

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