Accused Serial Killer Nathaniel Petgrave

Nathaniel Petgrave

Accused serial killer Nathaniel Petgrave

Nathaniel Petgrave, an accused serial killer, wrote his message with victims own blood.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Detectives investigating 22 year old Nathaniel Petgrave, who stands accused of killing 3 men last month, say he wrote his message in his victims own blood.


Was written on the floor in blood. Police believe Petgrave chose the number “4” because he believed it was his fourth victim not knowing one victim had survived.

Police said Petgrave shot two homeless men, ages 65 and 68, in their sleep Oct. 20 at a gas station at 3609 W. Broward Blvd. in Lauderhill.

Just a few days later Detectives say Petgrave broke into a Public Storage and stole a handsaw and a machete, which he then used to kill another homeless man. Detectives found they items, along with a pipe next to the victims body covered in blood.

Also next to the body was the blood-scrawled message, “4 STOP WAIT TIME.”

Detectives found Petgrave in a black Chevrolet pickup truck that was reported stolen Sept. 18 in Miami Gardens. Police said Petgrave confessed to stealing the tools and told police officers that they will never find the gun he used in the shootings.

Petgrave faces two counts of premeditated murder and a charge of attempted premeditated murder. He was being held without bond.

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