Broward County Evacuations Are Ordered For Hurricane Irma

hurricane irma

Florida Watches Irma under State Of Emergency

Hurricane Irma is on its way to Florida, Broward Orders Evacuations Beginning Thursday.

Broward County, Florida – Evacuation orders were given on Wednesday by Broward County Mayor, Barbara Sharief. The order will go into effect on Thursday.

The evacuation order covers the areas that are east of Federal Hwy, and in flood prone areas.

We have learned lessons…. We don’t want to take that chance right now,” Sharief said during a news briefing at the Broward Emergency Operations Center. “It’s better for us to be safe than sorry,” she said.

“We have a good number of residents and visitors on the barrier islands at this time, and we’re asking everyone to finalize their evacuation plans at this time,” Sharief said. “Do not wait until the last minute.”

Supply Shortages:

Gasoline: At this time there is no shortage of gasoline in Broward County, and the ports have enough supplies of gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel in reserve.

Shelters: 13 general shelters, plus a pet shelter will be opening up. The shelters are primarily located at schools across the county. A pet-friendly shelter will open in Tamarac, but Sharief said advance registration is required at

County Closings: County government offices will be closed Thursday and Friday. County parks and recreation sites will be closed at least through Sunday. Broward Courts will be closed Thursday, Friday and Monday.

Airport: The Fort Lauderdale International Airport Remains open at this time, although many airlines have canceled flights.

hurricane irma

Hurricane Irma remains a category 5 storm as it gets closer to Florida

Although it is uncertain where Irma will finally track. Florida residents are urged to not take this storm lightly. Be prepared. Have your supplies ready, including water, batteries, and non-perishable items. Secure any loose objects around your home. Make sure your vehicles are out of harms way.

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