BSO Deputy Accused Of Leaking FLL Shooting Video


Forty-seven-year-old Michael Dingman was arrested Wednesday.

Michael Dingman worked the airport but has since been placed on suspension for the incident.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – A Broward County Sheriff’s Office Deputy, has been arrested for being the one to leak the shooting video from the airport. In January, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport was involved in that shooting event we all remember.

According to sources, Michael Dingman, who was an airport officer was suspended with pay after the incident occurred. On Tuesday, the officers status had changed to suspended without pay.

Dingman turned himself in today to his employee headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. Dingman was then taken to the main jail, where he was charged with tampering or fabricating evidence, unlawful use of a county communication device, public records law, and criminal use of public records or information.

Dingman has already been released from jail.

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