Cuban Migrants Boat is Intercepted, Dania Beach

cuban migrants

Arial View Of Cuban Migrants Boat Off Dania Beach, Florida

Sailboat carrying cuban migrants is intercepted

Dania Beach, Florida – Federal Authorities have intercepted a vessel carrying cuban migrants off of Dania Beach Pier. 13 migrants in all, were spotted in their life vest about 2 miles off shore.

The boat was blue and was named “Dios Delante.”

A city commissioner arrived on the scene and made a statement

It’s sad that you can’t live in your own country and have freedom — that you have to escape your home country and go to another one. That’s the sadness of the whole thing,” Dania Beach Commissioner Chickie Brandimarte said. “Every time is unique, but you must never forget, they’re human beings no matter where they came from. They’re trying to escape something, obviously, to come to a better place.”

Fort Lauderdale authorities assisted in the apprehension of the migrants.

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