BSO Deputy Accused of Sexual Assault

Deputy Leon Campbell

Deputy Leon Campbell is accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl for years.

Deputy Leon Campbell of the BSO is charged with sexual assault of a teenage girl.

Broward County, Florida – Deputy Leon Campbell was arrested Thursday and charged with promoting sexual activity of a minor and sexual assault.

According to the arrest warrant, the officer was supposed to be a mentor to the young woman, but instead engaged in a sexual relationship with her for 2 years.

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The girl said Campbell tied her up, and slapped her with a leather whip. The whip as well as the girls DNA where found at the Deputies residence.

Police found the pair shared dozens of calls while in the sexual relationship, including more than 150 phone calls during a three-week period earlier this year. Many of the calls were for extended periods late at night or in the early morning, the warrant said.

Campbell has been with the Sheriff’s Office for nearly a decade and worked as a road patrol deputy out of the Pompano Beach district, according to sheriff’s spokeswoman Gina Carter.

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