Hurricane Irma Causes Florida Evacuations

Hurricane Irma Strengthens To Category 5, as Florida Begins Evacuations

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Hurricane Irma has strengthened to a category 5. Many residents are on high alert as the storm approaches. Residents in the Florida Keys have already started evacuations. The lines on the Overseas Highway began to get congested with vehicles Tuesday.

Irma is an “extremely dangerous” Category 5, barreling toward the northern Lesser Antilles and Southern Florida. It’s already the strongest hurricane ever recorded outside the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s likely to make landfall somewhere in Florida over the weekend.

It cannot be overstated that Hurricane Irma is extremely dangerous and will produce the full gamut of hurricane hazards across the Caribbean and potentially in South Florida, including a devastating storm surge, destructive winds and dangerous flash flooding.

All of Florida — especially South Florida and the Keys — should be preparing for a major hurricane landfall on Sunday. Tropical-storm-force winds are expected to arrive as soon as Friday.

hurricane irma

Hurricane Irma is now a dangerous category 5 with sustained winds around 185 miles per hour

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