Florida Under State of Emergency as Hurricane Irma Strengthens


Florida Watches Hurricane Irma under State Of Emergency

Hurricane Irma approaches, Florida declares state of emergency.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Hurricane Irma reached category 4 as it approached the Caribbean today. Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency for Florida, as the storm continues to approach.

“Hurricane Irma is a major and life-threatening storm, and Florida must be prepared. I have continued to be briefed by the Florida Division of Emergency Management on Hurricane Irma, and current forecast models have Florida in Irma’s path. Potentially impacting millions of Floridians,” said Governor Scott.

Floridians are advised to get prepared for a possible hit. Make sure you have an emergency plans and supplies.

Many people have already begun stocking up preparing for the storm Monday. The state of emergency allows officials to act quickly, as the storm grows in strength, and continues on its path to South Florida.

Irma comes on the heels of Hurricane Harvey which has left much of the Texas coast devastated with flooding from the enormous amount of rain the storm brought. It was predicted earlier this year that Florida could be hit this year based on statistics from weather experts.

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