Another Resident of Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Dies

rehabilitation center hollywood hills

Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills has lost their ninth resident.

Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills has lost its 9th resident

Hollywood, Florida – In the latest on the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills crisis, the facility has lost its 9th resident.

After Hurricane Irma the center was left without power for several days, leaving elderly residents without air conditioning.

Albertina Vega, was the first death reported in the incident, she would have turned 100 years on October 10th. Today Carlos Canal, age 93, was the ninth to die.

There is still an ongoing investigation into the deaths of the elderly residents. Facility owner claim they called FPL and local government many times over the course of the days they were left without power and air conditioning. The facility claims that a tree blown over by Hurricane Irma took out a transformer that powered the facility.

Facility administrators still decided not to evacuate the premises even with the threat of heat stroke. Next door, at Memorial Regional Hospital, lost air conditioning as well. However when it became apparent there was a threat of heat stroke, they evacuated patients out of the building.

This comes on the heals of a newly launched civil suit brought by one of the residents and her legal guardian. Other residents have since opened their own civil suits against the facility as well.

Hollywood police later identified the other victims as Carolyn Eatherly, 78, Gail Nova, 71, Estella Hendricks, 71, Bobby Owens, 84, Miguel Franco, 92, Betty Hibbard, 84, and Manuel Mario Mendieta, 96.

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