Charlotteville Events Spark Controversy Over Hollywood Street Signs


Robert E Lee was a confederate soldier during the Civil War

The events that took place in Charlottesville are sparking cries to change street signs.

Hollywood, Florida – The events which happened this weekend in Charlottesville, are igniting a new battle over street signs in South Florida.

The street signs in question are those named after Confederate soldiers. Among the names are John Bell Hood, Nathan Bedford Forest, and Robert E. Lee, who all have streets named after them.

Some residents are writing letters urging for the signs to be taken down, while others are trying to preserve the signs.

Once resident  Carmell Gardner, who resides on Forest Street said…

Making changes like this will be a positive step forward.”

Other residence are urging to keep the signs, and “Save our Streets” signs are posted around the area.

Anytime someone wants to change a street name and do away with our history, it’s just absolutely wrong. They can learn from it,” said John Jacobs, who lives on Lee Street”

The street signs come up for vote on August 30th, when commissioners meet.

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