Fort Lauderdale Lottery Winner Plans to Transform Street

fort lauderdale lottery winner

Miguel Pilgram won $52 Million Dollars in the Lottery.

Fort Lauderdale Lottery Winner, plans on transforming a street in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Fort Lauderdale Lottery winner, Miguel Pilgram, is planning on using part of his $52 million winnings to transform a street in Fort Lauderdale.

Pilgram, who won the jackpot using quick-pick numbers in 2010, is investing some of that money in Sistrunk, hoping to revitalize a portion of the boulevard that gave life to civil rights leaders, and attracted people from afar with its nightlife.

I was raised in a similar environment,” Pilgram said. “There is a need, and in my mind, an obligation, to invest there.”

Pilgram, a Coral Springs resident, is planning on a New York Subs and Wings restaurant with a real life Memphis Blues club on one side of the street. On the other side, The Pilgram Group, plans on opening a retail complex complete with a bank, Jamba Juice, and a performing arts center.

Sistrunk Boulevard hasn’t had a nightclub with live music like Pilgram plans in at least 25 years, City Commissioner Robert McKinzie said. Back then, the property Pilgram bought, at the southeast corner of Northwest 15th Avenue and Sistrunk, was the buzzing Night Owl lounge.

The boulevard was once vibrant. Now, vacant lots and empty buildings sit on many of the blocks. The city, a major landowner on Sistrunk, has worked for years to encourage private investment. McKinzie said the pieces are finally falling into place, and he’s “excited” about Pilgram’s role in it.

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