Fort Lauderdale’s Booming Growth

fort lauderdales booming growth

Fort Lauderdale’s Booming Growth Trend

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – If you’re from Fort Lauderdale, you’ve experienced Fort Lauderdale’s Booming Growth first-hand. The rate at which Fort Lauderdale is growing as a true contender for one of the best, most thriving places to live is astonishing. If you’re not from the area, you may have seen some of your friends moving to the area.

Fort Lauderdale has become a booming area, and not just for the typical spring-break antics they were once known for. They have become one of the fastest growing places to live, work, and travel. But why?

Always second to Miami, Fort Lauderdale became a cheaper alternative for business and development. Equally as beautiful, the beaches of this area have now become a place full of new, thriving businesses, luxurious places to live at affordable prices, and plenty of culture. Business centers like The Hive are popping up in previously run-down buildings and beautiful art is beginning to encompass the area. In fact, Fort Lauderdale has become a huge draw for millennials who are looking for the right combination of professional jobs and a peaceful, serene environment.

Because of the huge influx of new businesses and residents, Fort Lauderdale has become the new Miami. A booming economy with growth that has no end in sight, this small town is becoming one of the most affordable places to live and best places to work. It is also in the top ten for markets to watch in the US.

Since this growth has been relatively recent, people and companies are still able to get in on the bottom floor. Houses in Fort Lauderdale are going for incredible prices, many with gorgeous ocean views. All types of jobs are ample, and the ability for these companies to grow is astounding.

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Travel to Fort Lauderdale is also becoming more desirable, with more direct lines flying in and out from major airlines and new restaurants and attractions opening up every day.

Fort Lauderdale has become one of the most ideal locations to live and to visit in 2018, and if this success continues, we surely haven’t seen the best of it yet.

*originally posted by South Florida Caribbean News
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