Ft Lauderdale’s Own Sharon Day Named Embassador to Costa Rica

sharon day

Fort Lauderdale’s Sharon Day will be named ambassador to Costa Rica, a senior administration official told the Miami Herald. Mark J. Terrill AP

Ft Lauderdale, Florida – President Donald Trump has recently named Ft Lauderdale native, Sharon Day, to be his ambassador to Costa Rica.

Sharon Day is a former Republican National Committee Chairwoman. During the Republican National Convention of 2016, Day was on the list of high profile speakers. She was also seen often at Trump’s Florida campaign events.

Day is tasked with overseeing all diplomatic relationships with Costa Rica and the United States. Costa Rica is one of South Florida’s leading trading partners.

She has served the Republican Party at the local, state, and national level for more than twenty years, with a focus on engaging and empowering women candidates and activists, as well as strengthening state parties and volunteerism,” the statement said. “Ms. Day has also been active in community service, including as housing authority chair for the Broward County Housing Authority and as commissioner on the Florida Commission on the Status of Women.

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