Green Algae To Prompt Water Tests in Fort Lauderdale

green algae

Thick Green Algae In Canals in Fort Lauderdale Raises Concerns

Green Algae in Fort Lauderdale will Prompt Water Tests

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Residents of Fort Lauderdale are concerned after a thick green algae has appeared in the Las Olas areas of Fort Lauderdale. Officials are stating that the algae is likely causes by pollen or rain.

However residents still remain concerned. Liana Silsby, a Fort Lauderdale resident has watched the canal turn green over the last week behind her house. “Dead animals are in the water,” she said, “including a fish, a rat, a frog and an iguana.”

Other residents have noticed the change in the canals condition as well. This comes on the heels of a major sewage leak that was reported last week.

Fort Lauderdale’s city manager was quick to address the concerns via social media. She stated the cause of the algae is more likely due to pollen or recent rains.

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