Hurricane Irma’s Debris, Residents Frustrated

Hurricane Irma's Debris

Hurricane Irma’s Debris can still be still on most county streets in Broward County

Hurricane Irma’s Debris are still seen everywhere in Broward County. Residents have had enough.

Broward County, Florida – Hurricane Irma’s debris can still be seen all around Broward County. Trees and branches still are littered around almost every street in the county. The problem is that the county may not be able to get to it all for two more months.

Residents and HOA’s are worried that the scattered debris are going to cause higher rodent populations and attract animals if not cleaned up in a timely manner. Many HOA’s can not wait for the county to get around to the cleanup and have hired private contractors to do the job.

Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief said even if the city does pick up the debris, there’s another major roadblock.

What we’re experiencing right now is price-gouging and competition,” she said.

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