Medical Marijuana Coming To Broward

Medical Marijuana Broward Dispensaries are Coming

Medical Marijuana Broward County.

Medical Marijuana Broward Dispensaries that were on hold, will now be coming in parts of Broward County

Broward County, Florida – Medical Marijuana Dispensaries which where previously on hold in Broward County will now be welcome in unincorporated parts of Broward County and West Palm Beach.

Voters overwhelmingly approved the state’s medical marijuana referendum in November. Local officials say who are they to question so many voters in unison. The state has given local governments two choices: Ban the dispensaries where people with prescriptions go to get marijuana or treat the dispensaries just like pharmacies. The dispensaries still won’t be allowed inside the city.

With many cities still deciding where they will stand on the issue, West Palm Beach county is also set to make their final vote on the issue on Thursday.

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