Pit bull Found In Suitcase Almost Dead in Hollywood

Pit Bull Found in Suitcase

Pit Bull Found in suitcase in Hollywood

A Pit bull found in suitcase in the back of a Hollywood Apartment building.

Hollywood, Florida – A pit bull was found severely injured and stuffed into a suitcase in the back of an apartment complex in Hollywood.

The pit bull was found by police at 1945 Lee St.

I think to any decent human being, when they see the pictures of Ollie the pit bull, it would disturb and shock anyone to the core,” Hollywood police spokeswoman Miranda Grossman said.

The dog was taken to nearby VCA Hollywood Hospital where Veterinarians determined the dog was stabbed and beaten.

The pit bull has since been named Ollie.

The vets said they repaired the wounds to the dogs head, chest, and side. Dog and Cat rescue is now looking for a foster family for the animal.

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