Redesign Considered to Unclog The Intersection of US-1, and Sunrise


Busy US-1 intersection to potentially receive redesign to help easy the traffic

At the busy US-1 intersection in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, where Sunrise meets U.S. 1, 7 lanes of traffic come together to meet at the same point.

A new proposal in Broward County, the congested intersection where Sunrise and U.S. 1 meet would be reconstructed to remove the need for traffic signals and to reduce congestion. Drivers headed north on U.S. 1 would pass over the intersection itself, taking thousands of cars out of the intersection. Other vehicles would drive counterclockwise around a circle.

Fort Lauderdale elected officials agreed two weeks ago that the state Department of Transportation should study the concept. In the past Broward County was able to simply make the roads bigger to support more traffic, but with increasing populations, and vehicles on the roads, don’t allow for that anymore, and alternatives must be considered.

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