Another Outcry To Remove Confederate Statue In Broward

Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward

Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Statue in Broward County.

Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward Stands as a statue in Broward county, some residents want it removed.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Residents are crying out to have a statue removed that stands in the main courthouse in Broward County. Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward wanted blacks out of America, because of this a movement is growing to remove the statue. This comes after the Charlottesville. Earlier we reported on some residents also calling for the removal of street signs from city streets.

It’s a monument of divisiveness,” said attorney Harold Pryor, president of the T.J. Reddick Black Bar Association.

Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, for whom the county is named after wrote this while he was governor:

I deem it best [that] the Congress of the United States purchase territory, either domestic or foreign, and provide means to purchase the property of negroes, at reasonable price, and to transport them to the territory purchased by the United States,” Broward wrote, adding that the U.S. should then “organize a government for them of the negro race, to protect them from foreign invasion, and to prevent any white people from living among them in the territory, or to prevent the negroes from migrating back to the United States. I believe this is to be the only hope of a solution of the race problem between white and black.”

Pryor went on to say that he wasn’t trying to have the county renamed, as Broward was best known for draining most of the everglades for development. Pryor is rather trying to have the statue removed as its in a prominent location to greet people, many of the African American, on their way to felony court.

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