The New Sheriff in Town, Sheriff Gregory Tony

Sheriff Gregory Tony

Photo courtesy of ABC 10

There is a new Sheriff in town, Sheriff Gregory Tony.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – The new Sheriff in town, Sheriff Gregory Tony was brought in to replace Sheriff Scott Israel, is already making changes.

Promoted in the changes to the Sheriff’s office are:

  • Col. Nichole Anderson, who will oversee regional communications, the agency’s Civil Division, court services and community services. She joined the BSO in 1996.
  • Col. John Hale, who will oversee the agency’s professional standards and Criminal Investigations Division. He began his career with the Pompano Beach Police Department in 1987 and joined the BSO during the 1999 merger.
  • Col. Oscar Llerena, who will oversee the agency’s Department of Law Enforcement. He joined the BSO in 1996.
  • Maj. Steve Robson, who will oversee the agency’s training and development. He joined the BSO in 1996.

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Israel was suspended Friday by Gov. Ron DeSantis, who followed through on a campaign promise to remove the two-term sheriff from office for his agency’s handling of last year’s Parkland school shooting.

Five other members of Israel’s command staff also resigned Friday, two of them citing the unjust decision to suspend Israel.

“Since my appointment Friday, I have been meeting with leaders within the Broward Sheriff’s Office and assessing the needs of the agency,” Tony said in a statement. “This is a good agency filled with competent, talented men and women who are eager to move the agency forward.”

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