Water Main Break In North Hollywood Beach

*Video Courtesy of ABC 10

Water Main Break In North Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach, Florida – Residents in North Hollywood Beach have been left without water yet again due to a water main break. This is the third time in just a month that residents have been left with either very little water pressure or no water at all, thanks to a series of incidents with a water main that was originally damaged by a contractor working for FPL.

Residents of Hollywood Beach are growing impatient with the issues with water. “I dont want this to continuously happen to us down here,” said Francis Kennedy, a North Beach resident. “You don’t get no notice and you are wondering where the hell the water is.”

The city of Fort Lauderdale, has a costly citywide plan to replace the aging water and sewer pipes. It started as a five-year, $200 million-plus water and sewer capital improvement program in 2009.

A city spokesman said crews have also implemented measures to make it easier to get to a water main break and isolate the problem it if it happens again. Engineers are also reassessing if the pipes affected need to be replaced sooner.

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