14 Year Old Accused Of Robbery and Putting Bag Over Woman’s Head

jessy pierre

Jessy Pierre Is Accused Of Putting Bag Over Woman’s Head During Robbery

Woman Escapes After Attempted Robbery By 14 Year Old Jessie Pierre

Lauderdale Lakes, Florida – Jessie Pierre, a 14 year old, has been officially charged with attempted murder and burglary, and will stand trial as an adult.

According the authorities, Jesse Pierre broke into a home on July 30th in Lauderdale Lakes by forcing through the front door, and then proceeded to steal money and debit cards.

The victim, a 26 year old female was sleeping when Pierre broke in and put a plastic bag over her head and attempted to suffocate her.

The woman was able to break free and ran from the home without clothes to a nearby neighbors house to seek help.

Pierre is charged with attempted murder, burglary involving battery, and larceny.

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