3 Tons Of Cocaine is Seized Off Florida Coast

coast guard

*Image Provided Courtesy of US Coast Guard

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida– A cocaine shipment was seized Monday by the Coast Guard in Port Everglades that was worth an estimated 85 million dollars.

The massive shipment was seized in International Waters.

The offload [Monday] represents the combined efforts of Escanaba’s crew, and those of our partners and allies,” said Cmdr. Michael Turdo, commanding officer of the Escanaba. “Stopping the illicit flow of drugs to our shores not only keeps them off our street but also keeps money from getting to these criminal organizations.

The ship carrying the massive amount of cocaine is the Escanaba. A 270 ft Medium Endurance cutter.

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  1. when the day is done and you want to ride on…. cocaine.


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