Another Credit Card Skimmer Found At Davie Gas Station

credit card skimmer

Second Credit Card Skimmer Found At Gas Station

Credit Card Skimmer is found again at the popular Davie gas station

Davie, Florida – Authorities removed yet another credit card skimmer Friday from a gas station in Davie.

The popular gas station is located at the 7-eleven at 4490 Weston Road. And inspector found the device on Thursday.

Police agree that thieves are getting smarter.

“Now they’ve come up with devices that are Bluetooth enabled, where they can insert the device into the pump and be able to remotely access all of the information that that device obtained from people’s credit cards and debit cards,” Davie police Sgt. Mark Leone said.

“It’s safer to pay with a credit card as opposed to a debit card,” Leone said. “Another thing you can do is look at the device and see if it’s been tampered with. You can check the integrity seal (and) make sure that seal hasn’t been broken.”

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