Dog Snatchers Caught and Arrested

dog snatchers fort lauderdale

Dog Snatchers Corey Edgerton, 28, was arrested Tuesday and Takeisha Gary, 20, was arrested Wednesday.

Update: Dog Snatchers are caught from last weeks robbery in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Last week we reported on a dog snatching leaving a heart broken dog owner without her pet. In an update, Fort Lauderdale police have arrested the two individuals responsible for the kidnapping.

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Corey Edgerton and Takeisha Gary were arrested by Fort Lauderdale Police. They both face robbery charges.

Police say the puppy was found wandering the streets alone, and was brought to the animal shelter where workers recognized the dog from the news stories, and alerted police. The puppy was unharmed and has been reunited with its owner.

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