Armed Robber of La Mexicanita Irene Captured

La Mexicanita Irene

Juanly Pena, age 18, one of the 3 armed robbers of La Mexicanita Irene

Juanly Pena has been captured in connection to the La Mexicanita Heist Monday

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Juanly Pena, along with 2 other armed men robbed a clothing and money transfer store Monday, called La Mexicanita Irene. The store is located at 3925 Davie Blvd.

The three held the store up with weapons, and forced the owner and several patrons to lay face down on the floor while they store $5,015.00 from the business. After the robbery the men ran away. Fortunately no one was hurt during the incident.

Pena was seen walking two blocks north of the business and was apprehended. He was also seen in a separate surveillance video, wearing black fabric over his head, and a gray tank top. He also wore black sweat pants.

The business owner was able to identify Pena, as one of the men who robbed the store. Pena then made a full confession. He also showed police where he had ditched the clothing also taken from the store.

The other two men are still at large. Police still don’t know exactly where the money is. It will remain part of the on-going investigation.

Pena is being held without bond in Broward County Jail.

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