Man’s Body Stuffed In Closet After Being Tortured To Death

travis watson

Travis Watson was arrested in connection with the brutal torture of Ariel Gonzalez

Travis Watson Told Police that his partner tortured Arial Gonzalez over jealously.

Hollywood, Florida – Just a few days after Hurricane Irma came to South Florida, Police conducted a welfare check on a shuttered up apartment complex in Hollywood. Police noticed blood stains and eventually found the decomposed body of a man in a bedroom closet.

A police report obtained by the Fort Lauderdale Review, Thursday, outlined the events of the death of Ariel Gonzalez and why Travis Watson has been arrested.

Police were alerted, after a friend of the victim called police after she said she was unable to get in touch with him, after Irma had hit, so she had gone to the apartment. She noted that there was a foul smell coming from the inside of the apartment.

Detective Desiree McClintock responded to the woman’s concerns. The detective arrived on scene and noticed that the inside was in disarray and there was a chair blocking the door. McClintock also observed blood splatter and feces, as well as bloody drag marks leading to the bedroom closet.

According to his interview with detectives, Watson said Gonzalez, age 50, whistled at the two men, and they went into the victims apartment. Watson then after some time went into the bedroom to engage in anal sex, which angered another unnamed suspect (who is still at large).

Once Watson came back into the living room, (the other man) accused of Watson of cheating on him,” the report said.

The unnamed lover claimed Gonzalez cheated on him, and followed him into the bedroom and proceeded to punch his other lover in the face.

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Watson told detectives that his partner beat Gonzalez with a hanger from the closet and a broomstick from the kitchen. Watson went on to describe how the man used an extension cord to knock Gonzalez off the bed and tied the victim’s hands together with a sheet, unsuccessfully, and then a belt. Watson said the man then “poured hot grease over him.”

After they realized the man had died, they placed the body in the bath tub and washed off the blood in an attempt to get rid of the evidence.

Five days later, Fort Lauderdale police said they found a man who matched the description of Watson sitting at a bus bench.

During a search of Watson’s home, a wallet and a gray card with Gonzalez’s name on it, were recovered.

Watson was arrested on multiple charges, including robbery and kidnapping. Detectives are still searching for his partner.

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