Shaky Bandit Bank Robber Finally Arrested

shaky bandit

FBI has arrested the Shaky Bandit Bank Robber

The Shaky Bandit Bank Robber, Brandon Venditti, was finally arrested by FBI in Collier County.

Collier County, Florida – The Shaky Bandit Bank Robber, who is responsible for a series of bank robberies throughout South Florida, has been arrested.

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Brandon Venditti, age 22, from Weston was finally captured Tuesday after a car crash in Collier County. Brandon Venditty was apprehended after the FBI located a car that was identified as one of the possible getaway vehicles in the robbery. A chase then ensued, as reported by the FBI.

Brandon Venditti eventually lost control of the vehicle and crashed. He and another person were taken into custody with no injuries or shots fired.

Venditti is suspected of robbing at least 9 South Florida Banks, and will be scheduled to appear before a federal judge on Wednesday.

Anyone with any information is urged to call the FBI at 754-703-2000 or Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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