Teacher Arrested After Sending Sex Messages To Student

sylvers robinson

Sylvers Robinson A Pembroke Pines Teacher has been arrested after sending sexual messages and pornography to 14 year old student

Sylers Robinson is charged with sending pornography and inappropriate text messages to a minor.

Pembroke Pines, Florida – Sylvers Robinson, 29 was arrested after sending sexual messages and pornography to a 14 year old student.

The incident occurred Monday. Robinson, from Miami, is a teacher at Harvard International Academy, where the student is enrolled.

Police say that Robinson took a special interest in the young boy, and began treating him better than the other students, and making sure that he was always standing close to the 14 year old.

Robinson at one point snatched the boys sell phone and got the number of the 14 year old. Shortly after the boy started receiving text messages.

Robinson sent messages to the boy calling him cute, and asking him if he was a virgin, he also asked the boy to follow his Instagram, and sent the boy an image of two men having oral sex. At some point in the exchange he also sent the boy a topless photo of himself.

The teenagers mother alerted police after her son said there was a teacher making him feel uncomfortable. The police continued  to communicate with Robinson, while Robinson believed it was still the boy. Parts of those conversations included more graphic questions such as the boys private parts size.

When questioned Robinson said he didn’t think he did anything wrong, and fells that he himself is the victim because of his sexual orientation.

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