The Naked Bank Robber

Police arrest naked man accused of robbing Fort Lauderdale bank

naked robber

Man now in police custody after alleged bank robbery, what happens next is strange…

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida- Police have arrested a naked man accused of robbing a bank.

According to officials,Alexander Hayden Sperber, a 25-year-old, robbed a Regions Bank at 100 SE Third Ave. before fleeing into downtown Fort Lauderdale.

As he was trying desperately to get away, the red dye pack which was in the money he took, exploded covering the man in red dye head to toe. He then stripped his clothes and began to try to dispose of the evidence.

Sperber than proceeded to run naked down the streets of Las Olas, weaving in and out of on coming cars, and trying to evade the attention of the honking horns.

One witness was on the phone when he saw the naked suspect.

“It kind of took me a second. I was on the phone. I had to put it down,” said Drew Armstrong, “and then this lady passed me, and I asked her, ‘Was he naked?’ and she’s like, ‘Yeah, he was naked.’ I’m surprised no one tackled him or anything.”

“I just saw a naked guy running. That’s it.” said a witness.

Fort Lauderdale Police currently have Sperber in custody. However, he will be handed over to the FBI, who will be investigating the robbery.

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