Man Fatally Shot At Family Barbecue

Trevor Mitchell was fatally shot in Pompano Beach following and argument at a barbecue

trevor mitchellPompano Beach, Florida – Trevor Mitchell was barbecuing during a family cookout when he was fatally shot, by Donel Bostick, 46, of Miami.

The incident occurred at 220 NW 15th Place in Pompano Beach. Bostick and Trevor Mitchell grew up together. The cookout was for a friend who had recently lost a love one. Bostick and Mitchell began arguing when Bostick pulled out a gun and shot Mitchell.

Witnesses said Bostick was so enraged that he emptied an entire clip into the victim. Mitchell was pronounced dead at the scene.

donel bostick

Donel Bostick

Bostick fled south on Interstate 95, but crashed near Davie Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. The suspect initially did not surrender. There was a shot fired, however he was not shooting at law enforcement. He was finally coaxed out of his vehicle and taken into police custody without further incident.

Detectives were interviewing witnesses and investigating what led to the argument.

It’s just sad. We really need to stop killing one another, because thats all we got, is each other. Black, White, we need to stop.” said neighbor Connie James.

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