Video Shows Fort Lauderdale Policeman Shoves Family To Make Minor Arrest

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida– A video was recently obtained that may show a bit of misconduct on the part of Fort Lauderdale Police.

The video begins with police lights covering an entire block of NW 4th St. in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. A young woman was handcuffed and standing next to her SUV, as the mother of the accused screamed and begged officers to tell her what her daughter did. In addition the mother asked for badge numbers, names, ranks, etc. And police refused to answer. In the video the cop repeatedly tells the family to “Shut Up” every time a question is asked.

Moments later, the officer walks up to the homes door saying “One Thing”, acting like he is going to speak with the family, however the officer instead shoves the mother out of the way and runs inside the house as the entire family screams in fear.

Fort Lauderdale PD says it’s “aware of the mentioned video and looking into it further. The Fort Lauderdale Police Department encourages anyone who witnessed the incident to contact our Internal Affairs Office at 954-828-6956.”

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