Broward Firefighter Gives Water To Thirsty Key Deer

key deer

This Key Deer is thirsty, Broward Country Firefighter helps

Key Deer is thirsty in wake of Hurricane Irma.

Broward County, Florida – A Broward County firefighter, who was in the Florida Keys to assist recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma, came to the aid of a very thirsty Key deer on Monday.

According to a Facebook post by the Monroe County Emergency Management, Lt. Nicholas Johnson was surveying damaged homes and came across the weakened deer.

“I don’t know who was more startled, the deer or me,” said Johnson.

The firefighter said it looked thirsty so he fed the buck four bottles of water. It then gathered enough strength to run off.

“I am just glad to not only help the residents, but the wildlife as well,” said the firefighter.

Johnson is working with a fire crew from the Delray Beach Fire Department in the Keys.

Monroe County Emergency Management said in their Facebook post that the encounter was an “extraordinary circumstance involving a distressed deer and a trained first responder. Residents of the Florida Keys should contact Florida Fish and Wildlife if they come across a deer in distress.”

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