Hollywood Hills Deaths Ruled Homicides

hollywood hills homicides

The Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills Deaths are ruled homicides

Hollywood, Florida – Authorities say the deaths of 12 of the 14 Florida nursing home patients who died after Hurricane Irma have been ruled homicides.

The Sun Sentinel reports that autopsy results from the Broward County medical examiner’s office were released Wednesday.

No arrests have been made. Police spokeswoman Miranda Grossman says the investigation will continue and part of that will be determining who should be charged.

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The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills lost its air conditioner on Sept. 10, shortly after Irma slammed into Florida.

On Sept. 13, eight residents died and the others were evacuated from the sweltering facility.

Six more died over the following weeks, though two deaths were found to not be related to the lack of power or air conditioning.

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