Fort Lauderdale, Florida – The long awaited phase 2 reopening of Broward County is here. Monday Fort Lauderdale and other Broward County cities will finally see the return of businesses, venues, and services that were halted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The state health board has released numbers which show a continual decline in new cases of Covid-19, as well as a decline in hospitalizations due to the virus. In the last day, Broward posted numbers of just 161 cases.

Phase 2 will come with social distanced seating and new rules and guidelines for concessions and venues. Due to return are movie theaters, malls, as well as bicycle rentals.

Chartered boats and vessels will be another business that will return during phase 2. Though the activity will come with brand new restrictions to keep the public safe, and Covid-19 in check throughout the county.

Bars and strip clubs will still remain closed for the time being in both Broward and Miami Dade Counties.

In other news, Broward Public Schools will meet on September 22, to discuss the reopening of school campuses.

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