Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Confirmed cases:
Broward counties
Confirmed as of
Miami-Dade County *(deaths: 3,683+1 since 11/7)**203,654+1,010
Broward County *(deaths: 1,548/+3 since 11/7)**95,734+423
* Residents TestedTesting numbers from 11/7Negative
Miami-Dade County13,220 (7.53% percent positive)12,224
Broward County5,576 (7.69% percent positive)5,147

** Total cases overview of county includes positive cases in Florida residents and non-Florida residents tested in Florida *** Data in this report is provisional and subject to change ****City is not always received as part of initial notification and may be missing while case is being investigated.

Check more statistics at Florida’s COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard.

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