Ft Lauderdale and Its Bald Men

bald man

Ft Lauderdale Ranks as one of the top spots for bald men

Growing up as a boy, going bald as a man was the worst possible thing that could happen. No young man says i want to go bald when I grow up. Well that was until I started losing my hair.

A new study by OurTime.com — an online dating site for singles age 50 and older — ranked the top 10 hotspots where its bald men get the most attention from the ladies.

Local men must be proud to strut their shiny tops because Fort Lauderdale claimed the list’s No. 1 spot. Tampa slipped in at No. 10. Palm Beach County cities failed to make the cut.

But local bald men said they don’t know if the study holds true. Most proclaimed they don’t feel the love from the ladies any more than their buddies with a full head of hair.

Marty Brown, who is three birthdays away from the big 5-0, said the flirtatious vibes he feels from women now are no more or less than when he had long locks.

And Brown said he doesn’t buzz his graying hair because he wants to. His balding crown means he doesn’t have much of a choice.

“If you know what I mean,” he said.



Maybe it’s Brown’s tough luck, but he said from his experience, he hasn’t had more women approach him or flirt with him in Fort Lauderdale compared to other cities.

“I think there are more women that don’t like bald heads than those that do,” he said.

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One bartender at American Social on Las Olas Boulevard is a bald-headed (or in his words, “shaved-headed”) 33-year-old. He said he sees the coin flip both ways from his observant position behind the bar.

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