Lime S Scooters In Fort Lauderdale

lime s scooters fort lauderdale

Lime S Scooters have arrived in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale – There’s a new way to cruise around Ft. Lauderdale, with Lime S. Lime Scooters have arrived in Fort Lauderdale, and have made a huge splash. These scooters can be seen all over Fort Lauderdale.

California-based company Lime – self-billed as a “shared smart mobility solution provider offering a multi-modal fleet” – just dropped 500 vibrantly-colored electric scooters throughout Fort Lauderdale.

The local deployment marks Lime’s entrance into Broward County after signing a one-year agreement with the City of Fort Lauderdale. In July, the City passed an ordinance approving a dockless mobility program for the area.

“We worked with the city right up until the vote… and we’re happy to be the first scooter provider in Fort Lauderdale,” said Todd O’Boyle, director of strategic development for Lime. “We think this can be a great way to help with some of the traffic congestion and also help with environmental protection.”

To get rolling on a scooter, you open the Lime app and “unlock” it by either scanning a QR code on the vehicle or manually inputting it. The cost is one dollar to unlock the scooter and 15 cents per minute while riding it. When you’re finished, you’re encouraged to park the scooter anywhere it’s generally safe to park a bike (e.g. not blocking sidewalks or in front of store entrances). When the scooters are out of juice, Lime “juicers” pick them up, take them home, recharge them and place them back out on the streets.

Lime made headlines earlier this year after dispatching a small fleet in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood and then received cease and desist orders from city attorneys, saying they had violated Florida laws. In mid-October, the Miami City Commission changed course and voted to allow scooters for a one-year test period.

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  1. These scooters aren’t safe in my opinion. Who agrees that they are super annoying to cars and driver?


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