Supercon Comes to Ft Lauderdale


Victoria Betancourt, 20, of Hollywood, dressed as “Harley Quinn” from Batman, walks with friends as Florida Supercon opens at the Broward County Convention Center on Thursday, July 27, 2017.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – If you found yourself glued to San Diego Comic Con last weekend, dust off your first edition comic books or Spandex supersuit, and head to Fort Lauderdale. Florida Supercon opened Thursday.

The four day convention — the largest in South Florida — promises 750 hours of activities dedicated to pop culture geekery. The conference moved to the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center this year.

Last year, the conference, held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, drew over 50,000 attendees in four days.

Highlights include cosplay competitions, video game tournaments, film screenings and Q&A panels with industry professionals. Allen Bellman, the oldest living artist who worked on comic book character Captain America, is a stalwart annual Florida Supercon guest.
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