Billboard Calls For The Firing Of Sheriff Israel

Billboard Calls For The Firing Of Sheriff Israel

Billboard calls for the firing of Sheriff Israel

Broward County, Florida – Stepping up the fight against their boss, the union that represents the Broward County Sheriffs Office has paid for a billboard asking Governor Scott to remove Sheriff Israel from office. This bold move comes on the heel of the Feb. 14th school shooting in Parkland.

The billboard is located on Interstate 95, just south of Oakland Park Blvd. It is aimed at persuading the Governor to take action against Israel, and call attention to the Governor as an estimated 500,000 people will see the billboard in the next 30 days.

Jeff Bell, Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association President stated…

This is how serious we are and this is how much change is needed within Broward County for the sake of this agency and for the sake of this county. The morale of this agency has been devastated by poor policies and the handling of Parkland.

The governor said he is waiting for a Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation to be completed before he makes a decision on Israel.

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