10 Ethnic Restaurants in Broward You Can’t Miss

Ethnic Restaurants in Broward that are a must try before you die!

We have compiled a list of must try ethnic restaurants in Broward County. Below are our top ten to try in 2017. With so much beautiful diversity in our county, means residents have access to lots of international delicacies from all over the world.

#1. Chelly’s Jamacian Restaurant

Chelly’s offers some of the best Jamacian food in Broward County. With a plethora of Jamacian fare in South Florida, Chelly’s stands out for the authentic flavor. This little hidden gem is a great place for lunch. Lots of people during lunch time. They have traditional entrees like jerk chicken, oxtail, goat, lots of sides and much more.

Your taste buds and nose haven’t been this arouse to try another Jamaican restaurant in years, with most others having the same old bland taste and dryed out meats .

The first taste of the rice and peas from my Jerk chick dish is so delicious it reminds you of how your grandmother would have cooked it, assuming she was Jamaican.

The chefs making the food here put time and love into their cooking to make you feel at home.

This is a great place for anyone who enjoys a home cooked Jamaican meal and don’t forget the fresh sorrel drink.

9160 W Commercial Blvd
Sunrise, Florida, FL 33351
(954) 586-5077
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#2. Shishka Lebanese Grill

Shishka Leabanese Grill was established by two brothers Walid and Gus Zabib in 2011. The Zabib family is originally from the city of Beirut in Lebanon.

When they came to the United States, they found that there were only a few Middle Eastern restaurants around, but hardly any of them were really that good. Zabib’s family decided to open a restaurant where you could get a good home-cooked Lebanese meal the way Mom used to make. With their complete Lebanese menu, you can feast on all the old favorites.

Enjoy hummus that is light, smooth, and rich with flavors of garlic and premium olive oil. A baba ghanouj that takes on a smoky flavor, labneh, and lamb prepared every which way, as well as more provocative dishes, such as lamb sausage, stuffed grape leaves, and elaborate hot vegetable combinations, prepared by an attentive kitchen.

Shishka Grill is a great place to dine with prices that are within even the most meager of budgets.

This is hearty, feel-good fare, fun food to dip into with slices of Middle Eastern bread from the constantly replenished basket on the table. Although plenty of singles dine here, the Tripoli is a natural for large, informal parties of communal eaters.

1901 North Federal Hwy
Pompano Beach, Florida
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#3. Gabose Korean & Japanese

You can’t beat the experience. The meat is fresh and yummy after grilling on charcoal. You can choose tabletop service as well. The side dishes are deliciously spicy!

This extremely busy restaurant is very popular with Korean locals. Asian atmosphere, with a genuine experience with delightfully tasty, and a wide variety of flavorful and spicy kimchi dishes. Enjoy bar-b-quing your beef or pork on the carbon grill at your table.

Order traditional kimchi or branch out of your comfort zone at Gabose Korean & Japanese Restaurant — planted in Fort Lauderdale area, this Korean eatery is hard to beat!

There’s a couple of ways you can be seated. Either at a BBQ table, in which it’s kind of like Japanese Hibachi, where there’s a place where the food is cooked right in front of you. The other option is a regular table. When you’re at a regular table, there are certain items, especially very thinly sliced beef, where they won’t cook it in the kitchen. Instead you cook it right at your table on a supplied portable stove top. The food comes out absolutely delicious and the best part is you completely control how “cooked” you want your steak.

4991 N University Dr
Lauderhill, FL 33351
(954) 572-4800
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#4. Saigon Cuisine

Broward’s Vietnamese culinary scene is as authentic as it gets in South Florida with Saigon Cuisine.

Saigon Cuisine in Margate has one of the most expansive menus of any Vietnamese restaurant, and it catesr to a mostly Vietnamese crowd.

The menu features the requisite pho with a range of toppings from the quintessential rare beef to the connoisseur’s favorite, soft tendon.

There is also a selection of banh mi along with rice and noodle bowls. The menu also has quite a few other items that cannot be found in other counties, like tapioca noodles.

1394 SR 7
Margate, FL 33063
(954) 975-2426
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#5. Woodlands Indian Cuisine

With an array of delectable dishes and cuisine, Woodlands offers a multitude of culinary delights to tickle you taste buds. You’d be in ecstatic mood to ravish their offerings quite frequently and get addicted to an assortment of South Indian dishes and an overwhelming warm ambiance.

Broward residents have easy access to no-frills, authentic regional South Indian food. This is the zestier, lighter, and more vegetable based counterpart to the rich, ghee-laden gravies many diners may be more familiar with. Woodlands Indian Cuisine in Lauderhill offers an exclusively vegetarian menu of favorite specialties like idli and uttapam.

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The restaurant also specializes in Southern India’s most iconic dish, dosa. These are enormous crispy crepes stuffed with a variety of spicy fillings that can include anything from curried potatoes to Chinese-style stir-fried vegetables.

Woodlands serves them with several chutneys and a soul warming lentil soup called sambhar.

4816 N University Dr
Lauderhill, FL 33351
(954) 749-3221
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#6. Meal in a Pie

Miamians may be experts on pastelitos, but Broward residents have bragging rights when it comes the diversity of pastries on offer.

There are authentic bakeries from just about every continent in Broward County, and Meal in a Pie in Fort Lauderdale is South Africa’s contribution to the global baked goods scene.

The specialties here are savory, puff pastry pies with a variety of fillings. To translate that into Miami speak, that would be like an empanada, but bigger and spicier. The signature is the bobotie, made with ground meat studded with dried fruit and seasoned with fiery South African curry powder. The crust is tender, flaky, and buttery. The filling is moist and addictive enough to forget about those guava and cheese things for a while.

4440 NE 20th Ave
Oakland Park, FL 33308
(954) 202-9118
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#7. Greek Islands Traverna

Greek Islands Taverna is the delight of all who visit its South Florida location. Owned and operated by brothers Sam (Sotiri) and George Kantzavelos, it boasts quality staples of the Greek diet – fresh vegetables, fresh fish, lamb and salads.

Great pride is taken in Chef Sotiri’s signature dishes – Shrimp, Lamb Chops and Ribs as well as the high degree of excellence in their service, and it clearly shows. The Greek Islands has received numerous accolades from the National and Florida Press, and continues to be recognized as one of the foremost places for South Floridians to dine and eat Greek cuisine.

Generous hospitality is the hallmark of the traditional Greek culture, and at Greek Islands Taverna they make it their pleasure to nourish and provide this unique dining experience their guests.

3300 North Ocean Blvd.
Ft Lauderdale, Florida
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#8. Uncle Lui’s Restaurant

Uncle Lui’s offers family-style dining that criss-crosses Europe. Hungarian dishes like goulash and schnitzel are on the menu, as are items like roast duck, chowders and homemade apple strudel. The friendly service adds to the appeal, as do the wallet-friendly prices.”

Going to Uncle Lui’s is much like joining a close family member on a Sunday in a European Home, where food is plentiful, hot, and filling, the only thing left to do after eating is nap.

Uncle Lui’s prepares authentic Hungarian dishes, home cooked, and served up generously. Expect large, crisp schnitzel, chicken papriksah with sour cream, and fresh spaetzle. And no meal would be quite complete without a fresh strudel.

When you come to Uncle Lui’s bring you appetite as economical prices means you can order as much as you want, and not clean out your bank account.

Uncle Lui’s
8318 W Oakland Park Blvd, Sunrise
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#9. Mai Kai

Mai Kai is a Hawaiian themed restaurant in Broward County. It was first opened in 1956, and has remained a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Mai Kai features traditional dishes from Hawaii that are so delicious you will wonder why you have ever eaten any other type of cuisine. To accompany their food, they offer a wide array of hand crafted Tiki Cocktails that come in giant tumbler glasses. Many have said that the bar has many of the best Tiki cocktails in the state, and perhaps even the world.

During dinner hours they offer live Polynesian shows with native dancers that can be seen doing fire dances on stage.

When you are done eating feel free to walk around the water ways filled with Koi, and tropical gardens that garnish the exterior courtyard of the building, providing an authentic feeling of being in Hawaii.

The best part? They offer a happy hour every day for half priced drinks and appetizers.

Mai Kai
3599 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
(954) 563-3272
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#10. Old Heidelberg

Who would have thought about German food in our very own tropical paradise. You don’t typically hear of German restaurants in South Florida, however Old Heidelberg has made our list.

Though there are a few other German eateries in Broward County, none are as iconic as Old Heidelberg, with their traditional Bavarian dishes like bratwurst and sauerbraten.

The outside is decorated with Oktoberfest muses straight from Munich which makes it impossible to miss. And the interior is even more German with dirndl-wearing wait staff and live German music.

The food is wonderful and filling and the beer selection without comparison.

Old Heidelberg
900 W State Rd 84
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
(954) 463-6747
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