Broward Teachers Are Punished For Calling Students Terrorists


Image: Broward County Public Schools and Google Maps

Broward County, Florida – Bill Whalen, a former math teacher at New River Middle School in Fort Lauderdale, stopped a student from entering his classroom during the 2014-2015 school year by saying…

We don’t need another terrorist in this class”

Whalen was place on a one year probation and fined $750.00 for the incident, after a Islamic 8th grader overheard the comment as was “disparaged and offended” by the teachers comments.

A similar situation also happened at a Westin high school during the same time frame, when Nancy Dean, a social science teacher, used “racially insensitive language” towards her students, including the word “terrorists” to refer to students of Middle Eastern ethnicity.

Dean was also fined $750.00 and placed on a one year probation.

Since the incidents, Whalen resigned, instead of being terminated, after another report of him grabbing a students shirt and forcing him out of the classroom. Dean managed to keep her job.

Both Whalen and Dean signed settlement agreements that neither admitted nor denied any fault.

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