Stores Prepare as Hurricane Irma Draws Closer

hurricane irma

With Hurricane Irma on the horizon, South Florida stores prepare for a rush of supplies

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Hurricane Irma continues to strengthen as it makes its way closer to a possible strike on the South Florida coastline.

Several Publix supermarkets and Walmarts were already seeing a run on water, and other supplies such as batteries, Monday.

Publix officials say they are ready and fully stocked for anyone preparing for the storm, and will replenish supplies throughout the week if necessary.

Home Depot stores in Miami-Dade and Broward were relatively calm on Labor Day holiday, although there were those looking to beat the rush.

“I don’t want to be stuck out, everyone else is usually late shopping, last minute things there is nothing there.” said one Home Depot customer.

As with Publix, officials at Home Depot say they are ready for a surge as the week continues.

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  1. I remember this storm, what crazy power!


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