Fort Lauderdale, Florida – State Attorneys have a hard and dangerous job in Fort Lauderdale. This was proven again as Albert Narvaez, a man convicted of attempted murder, threw his urine on a Florida State Assistant Attorney after he was found guilty of attempted murder, and was awaiting sentencing.

According to Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Albert Narvaez was inside Circuit Judge Susan Alspector’s courtroom on Wednesday, when he attacked Broward Assistant State Attorney Andrew Newman with a bottle of his own urine.

In the report it states that the man yelled out “He pissed on me! He told me to do it. (Expletive) him! ~ But no one knew who Narvaez was referring to in his statement.

Arrested again inside the courtroom, the BSO report states that the urine from Narvaez “went inside the mouth, and on the clothing” of the State Attorney.

Newman, prosecutor for 26 years, said, “I’ve seen a lot. I was a homicide prosecutor in Palm Beach. Here, I’ve been in the domestic violence unit for many many years.”

But in those 26 years, he says nothing compares to the level of the violation he felt at 3:45 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, referring to the dose of urine he had experienced. Newman’s clothing, chair and laptop where soaked with the urine.

The ploy appeared to be successful as the sentencing was postponed till a later date. It’s not immediately clear how the bottle of urine slipped into the courtroom in the first place.

Police want to know how did Narvaez get free, how did he get his hands on a bottle, and who is at fault.

BSO has an internal affairs investigation looking into the incident.

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