Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Fort Lauderdale’s coast line is about to get a new addition that will change the look of the coast line. The two ultra modern, luxury towers will be the tallest to grace the shoreline, both standing at 300 feet above sea level.

The towers will be built at 3000 Alhambra Street, and will sit just south of the Casablanca Café. Right now that area is parking, and it will encompass an entire block.

Currently the total height for any building is 200 feet, with hotels allowed to be at 240 feet above sea level. But this week the commission approved a special request that will allow the towers to reach 300 feet. The towers will host 215 luxury condos, and more than 5 thousand sq feet of retail and restaurant space. The total project will cost more than $100 million dollars.

There has been some debate from other building and business owners about the height of the towers. They stated that if the towers are allowed to reach that tall “they will never see the sun again.”

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