Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Deputies were back in court today to defend their actions when the arrested a 15 year old boy, Delucca Rolle.

The back story – Deputies arrived in Tamarac to reports of a bunch of teenagers holding what appeared to be a fight club outside a McDonald’s. The scene appeared to be utter chaos as deputies moved in to break up the fighting among the teens. There were already multiple reports and calls about violent behavior leading up to this incident in April.

In today’s day and age, with cell phone use of video being as popular as it is, of course the incident was captured by bystanders. In our opinion is a good thing, as it provides a way of keeping the world in check. This video ended up going viral, causing the officers involved to be investigated by internal affairs in their department.

The two officers who have become the matter of opinion are Christopher Krikovitch, who was relieved of duty, and BSO Sgt. Gregory Lacerra. Both officers are now seeking to get the misdemeanor charges in the case against them dropped due to self defense.

Their attorney’s are arguing that the scene was hostile and there had already been dozens of reports of violence leading up to this takedown. “The state wants everyone to believe that these were just students that were being picked up after school, but that’s not the case,” said Eric Schwartzreich, attorney for Lacerra. “This was a plaza where deputies had been injured. Where deputies had been hurt. Where students engaged in fights numerous times.”

Prosecutors will now need to prove that the deputies were not acting in defense of self or others at the time in order for the case to move forward.

We would love to hear your comments on this video. Was it an act of self defense or an act of excessive force by police officers. Please comment below.

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3 years ago

Pitiful! Like two full grown men have to use that kind of force on a 15 year old?

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