Fort Lauderdale, Florida – A white substance that has washed up on Fort Lauderdale beach could be lethal to dogs. Fort Lauderdale officials said they received reports of a white substance that washed ashore between lifeguard towers 1 and 10.

Fire rescue and coast guard officials were on the scene Thursday morning between Las Olas and A1A. They are still trying to determine what the substance is, but believe that it is palm oil. Palm oil is non-hazardous to humans but can have lethal affects on dogs and other pets.

“Palm oil is non-toxic to humans, however, can be lethal to dogs. We are working with U.S. Coast Guard Southeast to clean the beach, confirm the substance, and investigate the source,” Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue posted on social media. “Please exercise caution while in the area, especially with your pets.”

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