Fort Lauderdale, Florida – The man who is suspected of killing two homeless men near a Fort Lauderdale beach, likely did so while the homeless men slept. The weapon of choice in this case was a machete.

Daniel Dovi, a drifter with a history of mental illness and a past in Pennsylvania, Maine and Texas, might have surprised his victims at the beachside Earl Lifshey Park on June 9, according to the police records. Video surveillance showed a man walking in the area just before 3 a.m. with a machete.

Dovi attacked Walter Amryan III, 59, while Amryan still was in his sleeping bag, court records show. The other victim, Adan Gonsulez, 37, was 43 feet away, and both of his “arms were almost completely severed off,” the records show.

On June 9th, Dovi lead police down a while chase on interstate 95, the ended with police forcefully stopping his jeep. Inside his jeep officers found saws, machetes, rope, and other blades.

Dovi told the police that everything they found in his car — the saws, machete and many knives — was for camping. He explained that the ax was for chopping trees and that the blood on it could have come from bugs that were killed while he chopped.

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