A Pompano Fireman has sex in a fire station in Pompano Beach Florida

Pompano Beach – A Fire Rescue lieutenant in Pompano Beach Florida has been suspending for having sex in the Fire Station sleeping quarters. The incident occurred on May 25 according to records obtained.

Broward County Sheriff’s Office reported that Lt. Travis Darrisaw approached another deputy who had admitted that he had met a woman online, and brought her back to his Fire Station sleeping quarters and had sex with her.

Fire Lieutenant is extorted over having sex with a woman he met online

The story gets deeper …

After the woman had left, and while the Lt. Travis Darrisaw was confessing to the sexcapade… the woman called and demaded that the Lt. pay her $1,300 dollars or she would say that he raped her. According to the report the deputy told the Lt. to put her on speaker phone so that he could hear the conversation. The deputy said that the woman’s voice was angry, but the Lt. had not given her any money yet.

The Conversation

Woman: “Listen, I swear to God. I’m done with that s***, OK,” she was recorded on bodycam saying. “So if you could bring it off or I’m a call the f***ing police.”

Lt. Darrisaw: “Please don’t take all my money on the card…”

Woman: “I’m going to take 300 off of this card and bring you your card right back. You can stay on the phone with me, check your balance and if I swipe it, you can lock it right then.”

Lt. Darrisaw: “Do I still have to pay the rest of the 1000 dollars?” (the woman demanded this amount prior to recording)

Woman: “Yeah you do.”

It was at this point that the woman started to sound nervous, and she asked the Lt. if she was being recorded. Shortly after, the woman called the agency and reported that she had been raped by a black male in a firefighter uniform.

Messages reviewed between the two from the online app were sexual in nature, and show that she agreed to meet him at the fire station shortly before 1 a.m. that morning.

It’s unclear at this time whether the woman involved in the incident will face extortion charges.

Meanwhile Lt. Darrisaw has been suspended until October 16th without pay.

A statement from Fire Chief Chad Brocato included the following:

“Your personnel record and years of service have been taken into consideration during this disciplinary process. I also considered your honesty and forthrightness in bringing the issue to my attention prior to any complaint being filed.”

station 11 pompano beach sex
Pompano Beach Fire Station #11

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