Two Men dragging shark caught on video goes viral, New Smyrna Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach – Two Men dragging shark caught on video are the subject of attention as a woman recording the incident when viral on social media.

Seen dragging the shark behind them, they later stabbed it in the head.

Mariana Sabogal, who is a diver, filmed the incident on her phone on New Smyrna Beach. She witnessed what she called a violent act on a shark, and instead of turning a blind eye to what was happening, she decided she wanted as many people to see it as possible.

“I’m definitely very, very happy with what I did, unfortunately, it was my only reaction, the only thing that I felt I could do.”

“I’m honestly very, very amazed of the reach that video had. I think if there is one thing that video brought is awareness globally on how we’re treating sharks here in Florida,”

Mariana Sabogal

Animal activist Hargreaves and her charity, Animal Hero Kids, applauded Sabogal for her act of courage. They said what happened on the beach constitutes as animal cruelty.

Right now, it’s legal to fish for sharks in Florida as long as the shark isn’t a protected species.

Neither of the men shown in the hour-and-21-minute video will face charges, but their actions sparked global outrage.

Caution, the following video may be graphic to some viewers, viewer discretion is advised.

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